Will You Marry Me?

January 9, 2008

All week weddings have been on the brain. 

Monday Essence.com launched the 2nd Annual Will You Marry Me? special (and, ahem, maybe, if you have a second, look for a familiar name in the credits:)
Absolutely beautiful.
What so many need to see: Black Love and Hope
The 6 couples are hard working, loving folks and if you dont know them, know someone just like them. People are voting on there favorite couple with the winners getting an all expenses paid wedding and honey moon. The New Or
leans couple really touched my heart but the Howard couple also are an obvious favorite. No losers in the game of love!
I told my dad at my wedding me and him are dancing to Chrisette Michelle's "Your Joy":) Love that song!

 And I totally stole that idea from my roommate who said at a wedding she was in this year the bride danced to that with her grandfather.

Also on Will You Marry Me? feature and took a little part of my week are the celebrity wedding pictures of Usher and Tameka, Chante and Kenny Latimore, Eddie and Tracey, and LisaRaye and her president man.

And speaking of LisaRaye, it would kinda be nice to be a kept woman...

And speaking of relationships, I gotta tell you about this new venture I'm working on . . .


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    ain't nothin wrong w/marryin a well-to-do man! lol. the lovely risse from hampton needs to win! go pirates!! the N.O. couple def. hit me in the heart, too.