Drinks and stuff: Flashback to summer 06

January 24, 2008

Somebody is working on getting a social life! Last night, after a serious reality check at the gym where I learned my body fat index, I hit The Den in Harlem and saw some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Saw my favorite Asian Julienne (she coined herself that, not me:). She and Z were my crew for the summer of 2006, the most fun I've had to date. Seeing her bought back some memories. Like this one . .  .
As did David Lawrence, a artist she promotes, and his rendition of "Where I wanna be" by Donnell Jones. Definitely took me back and he rocked it! I wish I could have lied
 and said I had watched Fashionista Diaries when Julienne introduced me to her friend Jan-Jay. Being a workaholic last year didnt allow for that to happen. Ah well, next time Im watching. And I really have to get over assuming the worst when someone says someone else mentioned me. Im such a weirdo I do
 wonder how someone would describe me.
J caught me on camera as I was jamming to the music. My guy friends said I looked like a groupie.

Tonight I grabbed drinks with my ASME 06 homies Kristin, Vanessa and Erin. We hit Divine Bar on 54th and were extra Sex and the City  ordering martinis and this international cheese plate with all types of amazing cheeses (We always fight over who gets to be Carrie . . .K is a natural Miranda with that red hair and the most organized of us all). It was great to  catch up with them  and they always keep me inspired. I've been pretty preachy these last few days but seeing them reinforced the power of vision. We are all doing exactly what we dreamed of doing a year and a half ago as we bit our n
ails thinking of what life would be like after walking across that stage. That's us at the ASME reunion this summer.

Got some interesting news Id love some feedback on soon


  1. shani-o said...:

    Ummm, look who's having a social life and all!! Gooooo you!

    (What's the news??)