It's the weekend!

January 14, 2008

My weekend was a great one indeed
Friday night me and the roomie hosted a psedo-game night. Note to self: Don't try and hook someone up with someone else when they are trying to be with you. But the cupid in me isn't giving up that easy. I have people to see and singles to match! After a game of 21 questions where we all learned a hell of a lot about each other, a few of us hit the neighborhood pub. Saw JB from work working her sophisticated charm at 50+. Keeps me inspired. The old guy who sings the Chappelle Show opening song tells me my smile and eyes are pretty but I'm a little too young for him. Thank God for the small blessings.

Family drama couldn't put a damper on my mood Saturday morning. To work off the stress I hit the gym and saw a lady from work and a new friend at the gym. I'm really feeling a part of the neighborhood. Teacakes meeting was fun. Then we hit dinner at City Lobster for Arion's bday and then to the Hilton for drinks and cake. I probably drank a little too much but hey, it was my birthday anyway!! Well, not really, but almost: Feb 8th is less than a month away! Yay!

So then I convince everyone to go to Tai's 30th bday party. At the door the guy lets us know this is gay night and we knew the night would only get more interesting. First person I spot is Armond, my harlem neighbor, whose house party Gary invited me to. He is there with his friend E who I met when they were together at Z&J's Rolodex Party the week before. Eeerie how everyone knows everyone!!!
I spend the night at the hotel and Sunday me and Whit hit Abyssinian. The choir seemed extra opera to me and I almost wished we had went to Armond, E and Jeanine's church that has a great choir on 116th.
After church I go talk magazines over tea with a few Ed2010 friends which is always fun. Sidenote: will I officaly be a grandma before I even become a wife when I buy this tea kettle I've been eyeing?
After that I hit Loehman's and got a nice gray dress for a steal (part of my goal to get more solid colors and classic pieces . ..see in the pic Im like the only one with print? What is that about?)
Sunday Whitney comes over and we watch the wire. I think in my head of my next conquest as cupid.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    that's it! i'm movin to ny.

  1. Darby said...:

    Glad you had such a great weekend. But I wish I could have told you how that cupid thing goes before you tried it... lol. One minute you're trying to hook 2 people up and the next... bamn! He likes you and you're like NOOOOOO! You're supposed to like such and such, you idiot! lol

  1. Elle* said...:

    Love the new layout!

  1. Zandile said...:

    aaah. makes me wish i was still in ny. I LOVE THE LAYOUT btw. looks good.