I'm Paranoid

January 22, 2008
Ok. So I have written like three posts I wanted to publish and punked out on them all. Because I'm paranoid the guilty (and the sexy) will know they have been on my brain. And as open as I am with some of my business, parts of me are really are private (surprising right?). So where does shyness (a nicer way to say punkness) fit into a personal blog? Well, that's what has me scratching my head. 

One of my New Y.ear's resolutions was to go on at least one date every two weeks. Which isn't a whole lot but for a working girl surrounded by mostly women I've barely stayed on track. That's not to say I don't meet guys (or feel like I have a few semi-stalkers at the gym), it's just no one is really catching my attention. And the ones that do, well, they don't seem to want to put in the work.
But speaking of work . . .and dating . . .I think a guy in the office may have a crush on me. No, I'm not just feeling myself or the here today-gone tomorrow mojo. And yes, there are straight guys in publishing . . .


  1. Shellsbells said...:

    The guy at the office sounds promising....don't forget to SMILE (be approachable). I'm not saying you don't do this it's just I'm tired of men saying we woman aren't welcoming, LOL!

  1. shani-o said...:

    I feel the same way about my blog... especially when potentials could be reading it... :-(