Eternally Fly

April 19, 2008

Madonna is kryptonite. That new video with young Justin is HOT (well, minus that weird part where they have a inside look of what your face muscles are doing while you kiss . . .yuck) But looking at Madge then People at work made me realize how rare she is. Her protege Britney Spears is in and out of the psych ward, with her preggers 16 year old sister seeming to be the most sensible of the two.
Than there's Ms. Jackson if you're nasty Janet who it seems lost more than the mystique of what her breast looked like one Sunday afternoon my freshman year. And ever since it she's been falling short of the Janet we once knew. But looking at Madonna we cant excuse Janet's less than stellar attempts because of age.
Not only is Madonna fierce, but she's stayed that way while evolving right before our eyes. I know I cringe when I look at pictures now when my style was off or looking through my closet at outfits im like I cant believe you really wore that ish to work . . .last month!
But the coolest thing with Madonna, is that, though none of us would rock a cone bra now, looking at all the pictures she was always trendsetting and doing her thing. And all seems to be welll as she's getting everything straight with her adoption of her Malawian baby David, saying those marriage on the rocks rumors are wack (Im beefing up my relationship books and knowledge, so I mean I got a little insight mixed with personal intuition if they need someone to talk to;) . . .and she finally got little Lordes' eyebrows waxed. Yay! So, here's to 20 more years Madonna!


  1. Elle* said...:

    All I could think about when I was watching that video was like...Damn, that's somebody's mama!! LOL...Madonna definitely has it going on. And, yea, I thought i was the only one freaked out by the weird graphics that looked inside people's face.