Fashion Bomb in the Breeze

April 18, 2008

So, Wednesday with the sun shining I dug through the spring crates to find a fun dress to wear in celebration of the warmth. I got to work and remembered it was the day of Claire's Fashion Bomb party. It was verrry nice. And EBP chic:)
Getting off the train heading there after work I bump into my fierce coworker Belle, whose writing I love and I totally adore, and not just because she let's me interview fine Black men:). So we head over together and it's a very fly crowd and Claire is hostess with the mostess in a fab frock and working the room, even after recently having foot surgery. 
And we already know how small world the is. I first encountered Claire as the prototype former intern of my editor at my first magazine internship at Upscale, and she had set the bar way high. (The fab editor has since moved on to uber-chic Atlanta Peach magazine and writes for People, breaking that story last week about Beyonce's rock at the Heart of City concert stop in the Peach). Then last year she ended up at our magazine conference at Howard and with a few folks canceling she didnt hesitate when I asked her to fill in, and was amazing.
So yeah, good times catching up with old friends and a few new ones. One friend of one of my good guy friends I had met before and she works at Nickeloden, which had us all reminiscing on old shows. Everyone agreed Salute Your Shorts and Snick you had to watch. But they left me out there on that 'Hey Dude' which I thought was pretty cool . . .
I promoted Charm Trunk and you know plenty of Howard folks came through including Jozen who is now back at Vibe as online editor. My face looks beat up in the pic of me and Belle where she is fly, so we will just leave that one on Fashion Bomb. Good time indeed . . .and even had a let out:)

*that's me on the crackberry with the red coat in the bottom left corner talking to Samantha. LOVED her do.


  1. Hey it's sam!! Thanks for the shout out! didn't know you had a blog!!! we gotta link eachother :)and how did your sale go??

  1. Claire said...:

    This is so cute! Thx for the shout,