That Girl

April 25, 2008

So, one of the many phrases I like to say when I wanna feel deep is there is no such thing as coincidence . . .

Earlier in the week BB told me to check out her blog. And if you talked to me any this week you know I was crazed and busier than usual, which isn't the easiest thing to do. So that means I didn't make it to hers and my other fav blogs as I would have liked until yesterday. And when I did I was completely touched as she had included me on the blog. She started the post titled 'Do the Hustle,' about two fashion events in the city she would have loved to attend.

One was Claire's Fashion Bomb event. The other, which I didn't see coming as I read, was my Charm Trunk Showcase. How freaking sweet:). And she coined my offering tea as Southern and Sweet and not Grandma-ish. See why I love her? And her adventures are so fun to live vicariously through.

And right after I felt so special, I was back to work  and looking for Usher pictures in past issues since I was going to be interviewing him on a press conference call soon. The search led me to the November 2005 issue which he was on the cover for. As I flip to his feature and the cool pictures that accompany it, I see BB looking back at me. She is featured in the "Under 30" column the magazine use to have. I re-read BB's personal essay on her amazing father and just sat there and smiled and silently thanked her and God for cool people like that. And fun coincidences to remind you just how interesting life is . . .

I called into the number and talked to Usher. Here's the final product. He really has a certain maturity to him. And reinforced to me Im grown too I guess. In 8th grade with the release of My Way I seriously was convinced I was destined to be with Usher. I mean we were both in Atlanta and the 'Penny for Your Thoughts' song I just knew was just for this brown girl in Decatur. So I thought that childhood crush would resurface a little or create a feeling of nostalgia, but it didn't. I was just a writer with a tight deadline talking to a musician who had grown up right before our eyes.
And the pics from the past issue with BB's essay totally captured that maturity. And there really is no such thing as coincidence . . .


  1. PR Carine said...:

    Hi Charreah, I read your blog often but never post. Actually I wanted to invite you a Celebrity Gala hosted by Mary J Blige, next week. If you are interested, feel free to drop me a note (carine@pdgpr.com).
    It will truly be a pleausre to meet you.


  1. Bsquared said...:

    You ROCK! This is such a sweet post and I enjoyed the Usher Q&A. They say real recognizes real...

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    people lose their celeb sparkle when you cover them. that's how i feel abt the steelers, anyway. pretty eh... just another sound bite.

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    OMG...me too, we're so much alike it's dumb!
    remember the nasty song with Lil' Kim that you had to skip when you're mom was in the room?