About that side hustle

April 2, 2008

Charm Trunk has new pics:) 

So, my first official photo shoot went down with Nicole and its was a treat to watch someone put their talents to use. Probably why I love live entertainment so much. 

Nicole, who I coined Mamarazzi back in our Essence Intern days in 2006, came by and took shots of some of my vintage merchandise.

It was amazing how natural it came to her to get the right light and poses in seconds. Im having a Charm Trunk Vintage Sale and Tea Party on April 19th and if you happen to read this and are in the city, stop on by.


  1. Sass said...:

    love it! and you know i'll be there with a friend or 3 lol

  1. CLC said...:

    What a fab idea, you've got some cool pieces.