Labor or Love

April 17, 2008

Ok, so lately Ive been wanting to step it up and be a daily blogger. And damn it, Im gonna do this. So the easiest way would be to sort of pick some topics and do one a day,right? But be forewarned like everything and everyone else, my life doesnt fit in a box.

But one topic I could always talk about and relate everything in life to is love and relationships. Is there some deep rooted fascination of never seeing my parents really interact that way since they divorced before I could barely walk? Well, i dunno. But I do know I love talking about love. And since Thursday is one of my favorite days (yeah, weird but Im someone who loves anticipation almost as much as the real thing so the day before the weekend started was always exciting growing up. . .and it didnt hurt that my fav shows Living Single and New York Undercover came on. My middle school best bud had me in LOVE with Torez aka Eddie:)

For the job I interviewed Tangi Miller ( from Felicity, one of my other fav shows. I so wanted to start having a tape diary) Tangi produced and stars in Love and Other Four Letter Words out on dvd. Flex is a cutie in it. Let me know what you think. Im sure Charanna has already added it to the Black DVD collection:)

She was really cool and had some interesting things to say. She told me how the inspiration of the film was finding out a friend of a friend she knew in passing had planned an elaborate wedding, family and friends came to town and bought dresses. And the woman is there in her dress and there is and never was a groom. They end up taking her to the psych ward. Serious story but got Tangi to thinking what she would make her lie to get married and this movie was what came of it. We got to talking about the career-driven woman who wakes up to realize she has a career and no love in her life. This is where I would love to start quoting some lines from Mahogany:)

But its true for so, like everything else in our busy lives, if love is something you ultimately want, keep it on the 'to do' list and put forth the effort. We didnt wait on fabulous opportunities to just come to our doorsteps. We put in that work. So, the same effort has to go into dating. That is not asking guys out or buying yourself a ring but just staying open and putting the right energy out there.

And in the movie the character is reunited with a old childhood friend Peanut who has grown up nicely, which had us all watching, thinking, uhm, who from way back could end up being my guy. For me I wouldnt even have to change my initials:)

stay open to love!!


  1. Sass said...:

    i am loving the thought of you blogging everyday, please do! and i def need to see this movie...love can surely drive you crazy

  1. "success is nothing without someone you love to share it with!" i don't care what anybody says, mahogany was the absolute best diana ross movie ever. and billie dee wasn't half bad either! :)

    i can't think of anyone i grew up with as marriage material, primarily because most of them have gone on to do nothing w/their lives! yikes. lol.

  1. shara said...:

    love is for suckas!! :-P

  1. unlimited said...:

    I am loving this blog. I have a problem of not opening up to love. I def took a lesson from this.