Living My Life Like its Golden

April 11, 2008

So I promise I do more than go see my fav artists perform during the week. But this week it was Jill Scott. She rocked the stage at the Dress for Success Gala where I was a volunteer with Jess, Z and a few other Howard girls. Uberglam dork Susan works in events for the amazing foundation.
The night was electric.
The CEO takes the stage and lets us all get our priorities in order talking about women who are just on the cusp of getting it together and still cant seem to stay afloat. And women who have had their lives transformed by the organization bring a reality to the plight of so many.

As the CEO Joy said, a suit is just a suit - until you don't have one.

So, Im off my philanthropic soapbox, but I definitely am stepping up my community involvement. Because though we dont like to admit it, we aren't so special that circumstances could have and still can have us on the other side reaching for a hand.

And my hand was reaching towards the stage as a regal Jill took the mic. Me, Jess and Z had peeped her upstairs as she waltzed by heading to the elevator. At first we all just thought this amazingly beautiful and curvy woman was walking through the lobby until we realized it was Jill.

She kicks off her set with my anthem of Living My Life like its Golden. We jam. She then kicks into the title track "The Real Thing" from her new album. That album was the soundtrack of my life in the fall of 2007.  'Whenever You Are Around' was soo my reality. Someone's presence making you lonely as you mourn what could be is kinda deep. And leave it to Jill to capture exactly what you feel.
She then slowed it down with The Way You Love Me and Lets Take a Long Walk. Once again my pulled together professional exterior relaxed an enjoyed the moment. Seeing her almost made me wonder why I was trying to drop a few (and thanks to good ole stress amid free pizza days and a three week break from the gym I'm down 6), but bathing suit season isnt as forgiving as wrap dresses . . .and Mexico awaits;)