Life Loves

May 1, 2008

So I dont really watch much tv regularly. I havent caught a single full season of Ugly Betty, and no that's not a hint if you ever want to get me a present:) But luckily Sex and the City is always on when Im clicking through (or a click away on demand) and Im always happy to tune in. One of my recent episodes had Charlotte spouting her wisdom on everyone has two great loves, and all eyes are on Carrie who has been through Aiden and Big . . .. 
Which got me to thinking how much hog wash that is (hey, Im a Georgia Peach but my parents have South Carolina roots). Because if their is anything SATC reinforces is men come (Im not the Samantha of the group, so no pun intended;) and go but your friends are really forever.
And I've been missing my life love Mikey, my gay BF. Everytime I say this at work (yes, all my friends come up) one of my editors give me that look and asks why I have to distinguish. Because every fabulous girl has to have a gay guy as one of her closest friends, and not just so he can use his gadar on a potential new guy and be your plan C if 35 comes and you haven't had babies yet:). From drunken nights in the Village while interns in NY to dropping it lower than all my girlfriends on my BDAY with Soco lime shots all around to margaritas on U St. on Cinco de mayo, some of my most fun moments include him (and I promise we do more than drink:). He put me on to Amy Winehouse (the first album Frank which we both agreed was better than Back to Black) and always was a needed-surge to feeling pretty.
And did I mention he has an AMAZING blog? And actually achieves that posting regularly thing Im working on . . .
So, in opening yourself for love its comforting to know you already have folks who love you just the way you are!