Joys of Friended

May 16, 2008
A few months ago Im on facebook doing some clicking around when I see some friend requests. One catches my eye

Is that who I think it is,
I thought.

It was. Malik Yoba.

I click thinking it will be some fake page by a fan but reading the info Im thinking it is indeed Malik. Im not one for being star struck or impressed easily but I got a little excited, not that this guy knew who I was or that I was that special as Im sure he friended dozens of folks. But that I was real friends (not facebook ones) with someone who was.
But that's where it stops.

New York Undercover has a special place in my heart, coming on Thursday nights which was cleaning time in my house, so with the smell of ammonia on the kitchen floor from mom mopping, I ran through the hall to empty trash cans in the house during commercial breaks, I watched Living Single which I liked but wasnt ready to love like I do now, then it was time for New York Undercover which always had great music to me.

But if you arent Malik Yoba or the guy who played Torez (Eddie) who me and my good friend then were in love with, then a blind friend request and we've never met without a note or some hello, isnt something I like to click accept to. Its almost kinda rude. Its not that serious so I usually accept, but it always makes me feel a little weird giving a complete stranger access to my personal pics and info and they didnt even say hello or where you may know me from.

In comes limited profile:) Love that

Oh, the protocol and politics of friending.

And for those of us who started a profile in college and now have moved on to the real world its tougher, as the face isnt just a place to stay in touch with childhood friends, but now a place for networking and building strategic relationships. A publicist who is cool and I work with a lot friended me a while back and for a brief second I panicked a little thinking, she's going to see the real me with weird statuses and not just my professional shell. She's also is going to know how old I am. Out goes the year next to my bday:)

And like every other area in my life it makes since you will have to grow up your social network self like I did my style and vocab. While also keeping in touch with amazing folks and building relationships, so moments like the one where Amy Dubois Barnett, my inspiration for going into magazines, friended me on Myspace and I did the robot in my seat . . . and like the nerd I am I told her just that when we met . . .

Gotta love technology . . .just remember to take your manners on your online travels:)


  1. ok so i must admit when i clicked on your fb page to wish you a happy 1 yr (shout out to class of '07!!). i was amazed to recognize the legendary "gay best friend" you wrote about also on your wall. i am a huge fan of cynical ones (as listed in my fave websites and quotes on the book of faces) so i clicked add friend w/out a second thought. tell your friend i am sorry and it will never happen again.

    in retrospect, it kind of reminds me of how i feel when some weird dude tries to "add me as friend," read: holla via the facebook. overzealousness will do you in everytime.

    *goes to corner of shame*

    wait, did i even remember to tell you happy anniversary? if not happy anniversary!! lol.

    *goes back to corner*

  1. CJ said...:

    LOL. You are too funny and we are all guilty of it!! honestly, Im probably just a facebook prude:)

    And that cynical mike? Im flattered for him and Its def all love. One part I forgot to add was the friends in common. More cool people we have in common, the more likely I am to accept:)

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    amen to all of that!
    amy's on facebook???

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    lol. the robot in ur chair.. that's great.

    Cute post - as usual!