Because she first loved me

May 9, 2008

Be forewarned. Another sappy, reflective post. No sexy celebs except the coolest one of them all . . . mi madre. And its so appropriate that I watch Golden Girls as I type this, which is one of her fave shows when I was growing up. Along with MacGyver and she loved that theme song. What can I say, i get my randomness from her . . .

And she is why now in life I am so freaking thoughtful lately. She shielded me to the world and yet pushed me into it. Showed me the best in humanity before I could truly appreciate it, thus setting a standard the world hasnt quite reached where adults are balanced and logical people with big hearts and great wisdom. Reading the Secret Life of Bees I see a lot of my mom in August.
And it doesnt stop there. My mom was so good to me and my bro that it wasnt till I was grown and gone that I realized that she was indeed human. I always knew she had a life before me - 32 years and about 355 days to be exact. But the fact that she too could have thoughts of things she might have done differently was new to me. But I let her know Im thankful that she didnt take the elevator instead of stairs that one day at the mall or spent one more hour in this place or that, because I might not have made it this way.

But I must confess Im guilty of loving her so much I want her to be the living breathing person I have in my head of her. Ive had to check myself on many occassions. In my head mommy doesnt smack gum or call BET 'bet' like Georgia slang. But the real one is so much better. And fly-er.
After encountering so many who are still carrying the baggage of childhood (just look at that guy on Real World) I just say thank you, thank you on dont dwell on how I was so fortunate. Everytime I hear Beyonce's 'Flaws and All' I think of her because thats the one love Ive found thus far that was that cool. I really would love to dance with her to that at my wedding one day, if im not convinced of how corny that is. And i wasnt even a planned pregnancy:)!!

And just look how fly she is! It was fate Id end up in that Marky Marc dress. Id rock those shades and yellow dress now if I could. Save your fly ish for your kids!!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and all those that love like a mom does!


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    yay mommies!!! mine is so fab! your dress is gorg!