Carried Away

May 3, 2008

Ok, so I try not to be that girl who its easy to love to hate. I even have a post about exploring hateration and how its really not about you twirling in my head for weeks (including a playlist that gets me by when Im feeling hated on when you really wanna say you can have it too).
Thats' why I was going to keep my Sex and the City screening moment to my damn self, because I would hate me too. But I cant, because it touched me, and I promise no spoilers are coming.
Yes the clothes were nauseatingly fabulous and the story lines clever, but for a girl living in this city, I didnt realize how much it would be the re-energizer (and tear jerker) I definitely needed. Because beyond the phenomenal fashion its real people living real lives and no one ever promised happily-ever after with your 5th ave purchase. 

So I can breathe easy, we're on the right track ladies!

And again things work out exactly how they should. Remember the hoopla after the show wrapped about Kim/Samantha holding out (more power to her) on doing a movie? I was a freshman in college so the movie then would have been fun to see then but probably floated right over my head. 

And it also was way more exciting to see the ladies four years later settling into the lives we imagined they would live after the season finally. Seeing a five-year-old Brady with all that red hair sound JUST like Steve was simply exhilirating. 

And J.Hud is still my dream girl!

Ok. Im done. 


  1. Sass said...:

    i soooo can't wait!

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    you told too much!! bah!!! *now blocking it out of my head* no one ever promised happily-ever???

  1. shara said...:
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  1. shara said...:

    ok, people (including you) will probably "hate" me for this comment, but i've always thought that "sex and the city" was one of the wackest shows ever.

    why should they get a movie?? the cosbys never got one. neither did "living single," "new york undercover" or "a different world." now, i would have dropped $10 to see either of those. :)

  1. CJ said...:

    lol . . . Jameil I gave nothing away, promise:)

    and Shara . . .I too would like a Different World and Living Single movie. Even now seeing where they are all in life. Work on that. But dont talk about my SATC!!! You going to get me started on my carrie/kadijah mixed theory;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I saw the film and LOVED it to pieces, I need a sequel already, a dvd release or SOMETHING, SHEESH!