More Sexing in the City

May 29, 2008

sidebar  . . . isnt it kinda wack (and funny) when folks say Sex In the City for SATC? Not only proves they arent fans, but totally waters the show down to just being about Sex and it was so much more (with tons of sex mixed in). lol . . .off soapbox
So last night the work staff was treated to a screening of the film. At the last minute we were allowed to bring one guest so I took my PR Maven homie who is definitely the Samantha to my Carrie since she was in the building. And yes, she is naming her first born after me - boy or girl!
And it was so fun to see different colleagues dressed as characters. My old boss had the white beaded necklace and halter dress with tulip skirt that was definitely hitting on Charlotte and a fab fashion girlie had a tuu tuu (sp.? Help:) with her peep toes and jeans definitely channeling a quirky day in the life of Carrie.
And listening to staffers comment during priceless moments was almost as classic as Charlotte's memorable moments.
And then today a article I wrote on J.Hud's addition to the cast was posted so Im feeling good as I head into the weekend. Heading to Philly to see my little cousin graduate ands so excited my dad and little sister are coming! Gushing done, its been a rough week so maybe Im just sleep deprived and giddy . . .


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    aww! everything i read makes me wish i had a female crew to watch this movie with!

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    OK now that i've seen it i didn't like her character at all.

  1. shara said...:

    Just read your piece on SATC...

    “Jennifer brings a maternal quality to the role..."

    This quote by Sarah Jessica Parker reminded me of how black women were relegated to "mammy" roles back in the day. I'm sure she wasn't implying anything along those lines, but it irked me.

    Does Hollywood still see us as the caretakers of white people? How can we ever expect to see higher quality roles for African-American women (or any underrepresented group) with this type of subconscious thinking still prevalent in the industry?