Back from Mexico!

May 28, 2008
I relaxed . . .related . . .released. And partied and drank many frozen drinks:)

And you know ALL of New York was there . . 

particularly that borough Brooklyn . ..

Even ran into a guy from 30 dates with locs our first night their (Michelle's love connection, Jameil:)

Flicker album definitely coming soon along with our fav story (and there were many), from our jungle excursion riding speed boats (the crew kicked me out of the drivers seat for swerving:) and snorkeling in the beautiful reef, that we coined Brokeback Boating . .. .

And Ill be back to posting on the regular getting ready to take two days off and travel was more hectic than I expected. And I still have to post about Belle's amazing dinner even if it is all late. 

*My spanish was way better in Mexico then it was in Spain. I felt all cool when my friend was cold in the car heading to the airport to go and was asking the driver to turn down the air and he had no clue, and I belted out 'Frio' and he turned it down. One small step for Spanglish speakers like me:)


  1. Moni said...:

    was Michelle with the dude with the dreads????

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    get it mexico!! fun!!!

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    and omg tell me they're still together!!

  1. *Tola* said...:

    i did the jungle tour last year!! i was like hmm.. that boat looks familiar!!! did you see the one pelican that i saw????so much for the jungle huh?