The Frog Prince

May 15, 2008
And for the last two weeks Ive been watching Season 5 of SATC on demand. Since I absolutely love the love story of Charlotte and Harry (Im not the only one who has met a guy you like but totally dreading that moment of him meeting the friends because he doesnt quite fit your neat package)

Then turns out to be the best sex of her life (her words, not mine) and even has her fighting to become jewish to marry him. The difference some good loving will make. lol

So I wrote the above two sentences two weeks ago and its so appropriate I would start again now. Last night had dinner with Ari before she heads to Italy for the summer (yeah, I have such a love to hate ya relationship with friends traveling . ..my day is coming,REALLY:), and one of our mentors, a fellow Howard alum in her late 40s. And as all our conversations seem to land, we discussed weddings then relationships. Lady S is single and shares she was one of those women who just thought it would happen and time slipped away. She has plenty of hilarious stories of this ex or that one, so she has dated her share. And for the last 9 months Ive known her she's been mostly single . . .

So Im not so quick to hit her with my "it wouldnt be so bad to marry well sooner than later" theory since she doesnt see marriage as such a strong possibility for her as she once did. She asks about dating and I tell her about this nice guy who is great catch but maybe not for me. When she asks what's wrong with him, I really have nothing to say. He's tall, dark and handsome. Funny, employed and loves his mama. Typing this Im wondering why I havent proposed to him yet myself. lol. But there are other things I would like too. And she hits me with, in 10 weeks or 10 months you have to ask if that stuff will matter. And for someone always with a witty comment I have nothing to say. 
 I told her about another guy before I wasn't into and my first reason was all how he hated on another guy, then she breaks down men dont think anything is wrong going for the same girl and all is fair in love and war, and calls me on the real reason: I couldnt see myself having sex with him. Now that matters and now we're getting somewhere she says 
She is living proof the dream wont just come sit in your lap. And we've already gone along with the host that we are sisters and we resemble some so it was like a 40-year old me talking to me. Spooky. And Im defintiely not a settler but I dont want to be too late to realize I let a good thing keep it moving. Im taking notes from Lady S and Charlotte indeed . . . and definitely give the Harrys you know my number:)


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    hmmm... very thought-provoking. and i've actually been thinking about it.