May 6, 2008

Its those jarring moments when the IRS says I owe $250 from 2006 or while I'm counting the many years between now and when I was 17, that I come to grips with the fact that the grown has made its way to my sexy.
And just as I begin to try and break down when the change occurred, I realize that its all still me. My same brain that thought of ways to boobie trap the house with my brother. My same hands that griped the bat extra hard in softball in the backyard then rubbed the tears in my eyes when I got out (I was safe!!!). And it's comforting to know I dont have to feel foreign discovering this new me because she's been here all along.
So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this pic of my tea party (before my bro hit that guy stage of not smiling for pics that lasted more than a decade) and I realized my love of the tea experience may be more baby girl than it is old lady:)


  1. shara said...:

    make sure you save that picture for when you publish your memoirs :)

  1. Bsquared said...:

    Lovin' this post chica!