Because he first loved me

June 8, 2008
So, you know those people who love you in spite of yourself? Well, I am blessed to have quite a few of those folks in my life. Including one plastic-surgeon-to-be who has already agreed I get the friends and family discount post-children:)

And we call him papi chulo . . .

And he is so smart because in that debate that stemmed from Obama's adoration of Michelle on whether a wife would rather be seen as smart or sexy by her husband, Papi has always made me feel BOTH with a touch a fly. (I was WAAAY more fly in college . . .but thats a whole nother post). 

Here he is with my BFF (I promise we know better than to rock sunglassess inside . . the photographer (nee' me) requested them for the photo in her lucid state)

But once again one of my fab friends is making me look bad by blogging on the regular. So I am going to get better! Promise! in the meantime, he has a hilarious post on how he is the William from Girlfriends of his crew. And Im a Carrie-Kadijah! this is destiny:) . . .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    OMG, how I love thee Charreah Jackson, I remember this day like it was yesterday. A toast to the good times! *mwah*

    Heart PaPiChUlO

  1. Fashion Addict said...:

    love your blog and I would really like to do a link exchange with you if you would like to. Please stop by my blog when you have the time!