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June 27, 2008
So all week I have been wanting to blog about the fab weekend I had in BK last weekend and couldnt get a usb card reader anywhere I went so couldnt get my pictures and now its been a week. Well, first part was my new favorite band Heavy but you must see pics! Saw them at S.O.B's when me and Yaz went to see J*Davey. Then saw them again at Harriet's Alter Ego Block party last Saturday. I found out about the event by Shantelle who crochets amazing items from earrings and clutches to bathing suits and was a vendor. I got two pair of earrings I cant wait to rock! And ran into one of favorite people and bestest buds at HU, Esan! She had just gotten back from surprising her mother who lives in Anguilla, after 5 years of not seeing each other. That girl has an Amazing story! She came by the office for lunch this week and gave me a burst of energy which I loved her for!

After Harriets Alter me and Jess hit Target trying to get a present for a friend and former coworker's baby shower tomorrow. Well, I should have known the printer wouldnt work for the registry list so I had to write stuff down. Then when I get upstairs, the guy calls the jumper I wanted and says they are bringing it down.
 I wait . . I wait . . .I wait.
Store closes and they are sending folks out. I wait. See lady that looks like Foxy Brown. I wait.
Another guy comes to say they actually dont have the jumper in. argh. Couldnt you say that 25 minutes ago?
Turns out it is Foxy Brown. Shes now 
ng the folks can she shop a little later with her lil boy riding shotgun in the cart. They play her. "She's obviously not that hot if she in Target," says one worker. Oh, the irony red shirt Target employee. Almost felt a little bad for Foxy like looking at a fish out of water. Hip hop has let her go and the hometown folks looking her up and down

So back to Manhattan sans gift.

Then Back to Brooklyn Sunday after an amazing sermon for the opening reception of POSITIVITY, a collective photogra
phy exhibition curated by Jamel Shabazz at Danny Simmons' Corridor Gallery in Clinton Hill . . . featuring our very own Nicole Crowder (yep, my homie and the fab photog shot for Charm Trunk . . .and also is a great blogger)

her shots are amazing and it just was an honor to see someone so talented, humble and sweet get their due shine. The exhi
bit is up through July so could make a great trip with the girls or a first date (can you tell Im working on this relationships story that has me trying something new . . .)

At the exhibit I bumped into Shantelle again and Dorcia, an accomplished and so fly sty
list. I do the intros and tell all about the amazing knit items - that include bathing suits. Dorcia is actually working on styling for the Today Show tomorrow with a segment so cross your fingers the bathing suits (which I had to hustle to get from Shantelle that night to get to D) make it on!
I swear I should make this a business:) After the exhibit, our lil crew who all came out to support Nicole went to Spice on the Lowe
r East Side. While waiting me and Whit head down the block and I discover Joyce Leslie is closing! One of my fav cheap and cute stores from when I stayed at NYU a few summers back. You know I had to get my final good find there . . .brown patent leather sandals and a green trench all for $20! (R.I.P . ..Joyce Les) 

Dinner was fab and a great weekend that made me feel summer had officially arrived!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    and THIS, my love, is the reason I love you AND your blog...it gets me through my 8+ hrs of work and sooo much more!

  1. Nicole said...:

    Aww Charreah!! This was such a beautiful post :) Thanks for the shout out homie! And I'm definitely going to hit up Shantelle because her knit accessories are too too hot! Here's to more summer weekends like this one! When are we going thrifting? lol

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    but do you even understand that i NEEEEEED those earrings!! and adore that bracelet?? tell me where to get them!! i'm going to the link not now but right now!