Damn Damn Damn . . .

June 20, 2008

. . . the chant heard around the ghetto when James, daddy of Good Times died.

So as part of Essence.com's Flashback Fridays feature I hunted down and caught up with Bern Nadette Stanis aka Thelma. And it was exciting to see someone embracing a moment in their life millions of people share (Malcolm Jamal Warner still aint feeling you calling him Theo)

After getting all the details on the show on how this was her first audition, how she had no clue James was dying and why she was always in the bathroom when the show first came out, I had to know about that fashion.

And she broke it down how they tried to put her in baggy jeans, which she hated so she asked they take out the pockets and tailor them . . .thus SKINNY JEANS. And you know I was tempted to ask her if she had any of those old clothes for Charm Trunk but I managed to be professional:) (btw, if you are in the NYC area and wanna check out the merchandise hit me up at harlem.charm@gmail.com)

Then after a stroll down memory lane, she came to the future and told me of her dream role alongside Denzel, like the rest of us:) And she even opened up on being a virgin till she was married, though unfortunately the first marriage didnt work out . . .but she channeled the lessons learned into a book on relationships.

But perhaps the hottest part were all these hot pictures of her through the years with celebrities from Michael Jordan, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Jackson with his original nose and more . . .
I think im pulling out my favorite platforms this weekend:)


  1. philosopher said...:

    just read your article on Karyn Parsons... LOVED IT! Thanks so much for it, as a biracial person it was great hearing her perspective.

  1. Julene said...:

    Awesome! I love reading your interviews on the website and the What Men Think Column. And "Thelma's" still got it, hers is one of the interviews I was able to take part of at my internship this summer.
    Stay blessed! (P.S. Do you ship The Charm Trunk items to other states? They are too cute!