Reunited . . .

June 29, 2008

This weekend my homie Ashley came to town. She was one of my bestest buds when I interned at Essence in summer 2006 and seeing her made me feel like that bright-eyed microed-tailed southern girl in the city.

We had a ball and fell right back into our rhythm, with the maturity graduating and moving to a new city affords. Ok, well we did giggle like we were 16 years old talking about the fellas. . .

Nicole came over and we all cooked breakfast yesterday morning while catching up. My french toast were a hit and I remembered how much I liked cooking! For a second last year I was cooking for everybody till I was told cooking for folks is personal, like sex. And well not everybody will get the goodies in the jar. Yeah I know, its not that 
deep, but still . . .

After Jeanine's fab baby shower at Fordham (beautiful campus!), we all got dressed and the whole intern crew reunited. It was just like old times at this Italian spot on 49th, a block from where we first met and bonded, around my desk, the summer hotspot:). 

And looking at this picture from exactly two years ago has me reminsicing and excited for the future all the same. It just so happen 'The 
Devil Wears Prada' came out as we were interning which made it the perfect outing for us. none of us (well most;) had crazy experiences like Andy's and made us all the more humbled and excited for our good fortune. After dinner we headed to a party. They had open bar so it was packed around the bar and they were serving one drink an hour. We left and hit up another party a friend of a friend was throwing. We said the magic word and got green wrist bands that got us on in. At the bar Im ordering rum when the bartender looks at my wrist and says only vodka with our bands. Turns out it was open bar:) We had a few rounds of Sex on the Beaches (my go to drink when I really wanna get the party started) and I was good to go. Too bad it was extra hot and the vodka didnt help my 'do. But I h
ad a good  time and saw some of my other fav friends in the city. Good weekend indeed


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    yay reunion weekend! and open bar and cooking!?! how fun!!