Hubby Hamilton

June 7, 2008
Thursday night I went to a work event at the Apollo. After a quick interview with Sway from MTV (him and his homie really have me considering letting chicken go . . .i mean a chicken really shouldnt be
 the size of your hand) And the rockstar Malcolm Jamal Warner who admitted to battling with his Cosby good guy label for years and is now out trying to show positive doesnt have to be corny, it was time for the show.

After the opening act Malcolm, amid shouts of Theo, made his way to the stage. he did some poetry to his band's live music and vocals, and he did some funk-type dance moves I dont think I ever will describe right. And proved he was indeed no longer a young Huxtable with his poem on getting it on and his want to really be Malcolm in the Middle . . . 
Faith came out for a sec and did one song, Love you. Love her and the fact she is still that round the way girl yelling for her man to turn up the track in between her notes.
Anthony Hamilton closed the showcase and I think I found a new husband prototype. I admit I slept on Anthony for a minute. My brother loved him from the beginning, but that scraggly beard and sound took a second for me. Then that song from American Gangster made me reconsider. And on stage all shaved up and in a clean suit and white sneaks, his swag was endearing and sexy (like that forehead kiss from Best Man) His beautiful brown wife had already upped his points in my book when I saw them a while back.
And he can really move and was hitting those moves just right and naturally. I was hoping he would do 'Float' one of the sexiest songs on my playlist and perfect quiet storm mixtape material. He didnt but Sister Big Bones defintiely made me smile. 
Maybe he reminded me of my protype Andre 3000 with his sense of humor and style. Maybe I just miss the south and my DSGBs. Or maybe it was just his sayin 'know what im talkin bout' with the right swag that got me like it does everytime and gives me flashbacks of this fine boy I went to high school who had that catchphrase and ended up with one of my teachers (he was just that sexy:)
Then Anthony introduced his wife Tarsha as his better half and she came out and got down on some spiritual jams. They are absolutely beautiful together!
He came back out and closed the show and I think as he strolled off he took a lil part of my heart along with him -- or maybe left a part of his in mind


  1. Bsquared said...:

    Anthony was SO GOOD Thursday night! And since my people are from North Carolina (Anthony is from N.C. as well) I felt him even more. I was a lil' disappointed that he didn't do the American Gangsta track either but I forgive him. His show was awesome and you know I was diggin' the fresh white kicks too, lol.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    i looove couples! DSGBs, too! i've always been an anthony hamilton fan. my cousin does all those weird dances. he's so strange.