Word of the Day

June 14, 2008
I always describe myself as a cool nerd. Part of the nerd part is I get Merriam-Webster's word of the day sent to my phone each day trying to keep expanding the vocab. After a stressful and freaky friday the 13th, this morning I woke up still a little depleted. My cousin who is like a brother called so I called him right back.

Ive bitched him out more than I ever would admit to so I know he is a special guy to still put up with me.

He said something really sweet that made me have to admit life hasnt been so shitty and ive been blessed with some great folks and great times. I slide a little out of my funk.

I check my phone and my word of the day is there . . . .

Fortitude - the ability to endure.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    boy i tell ya. there's no life that's funk-proof. that's why we've gotta have not just fortitude but those folk like your boy to hook you up with the love.