Preggers aint always pretty

June 6, 2008

Pick the most popular movie of any given year and Ive probably not seen it. Not that I dont like movies, I just dont initiate going to the theater - for $12 I can get some live entertainment. And date movies are usually safe comedies, or dramas that might make a girl jump in the lucky guy's arm.

So home cleaning and prepping for teacakes and charm trunk (yeah, seems Im the Queen of cute catchy names) I hit On Demand to see what could be an easy background noise as I munched on a fish sandwhich. I see Knocked Up and it seems we have a winner. Through all the buzz I still hadnt seen the film.

I just saw 27 Dresses when they played it on the plane to Mexico. And I thought I liked weddings . . . 

Well, watching knocked up I only made it to the part where she tells her mom and was over it. Career-driven girl hooks up with odd ball and doesnt know she's pregnant. All of it seemed so forced and exaggerated. And Im a fan of Katherine Heigl's from way back when she was in that Disney movie and switched bodies with her sister.

Or maybe the idea of getting your dream job then getting knocked up before you are really are on your feet just wasnt funny to a young girl who could relate to the main character pre-hooking up with the guy doing nothing. One night stands should have rules. They better be hot enough that when you look back in ten years you smile and not cringe.