Are Bitter Black Women to Blame?

December 16, 2008
I read this op-ed in the New York Times a few weeks ago about the failure of Prop 8 in California for gay marriage and it brought up a new possible reason. Yes, Black people voted 70% to ban. We know. And the majority of Blacks who voted were women and Black women go to church much more than others. But a new possible reason Charles brings up is that because Black women are the least married segment, the idea of men marrying men can be a bit much.

Uhhm. Another subtle way to call us bitter and I don't like.

I have never looked at a gay couple and thought one of the guys was meant to be my husband. It is tough out here for sisters but we have overcome a lot more than this with our pride in tact. Homosexuality is something we have to tackle as a community and get over and that is a large part connected to the Black church. I almost broke my neck Monday morning, trying to put on my boots and laughing hard at the prank call on the Steve Harvey morning show to the minister of music. Nephew Tommy called and told the guy he had been fired as choir director because of his antics. Between lip smacking he said 'what exactly did you mean.' And soon got to cussing on him liking to have his hair done like everybody else and his green and gray contacts that coordinated with outfits. And as soon as they let him know his mass choir pranked him he's back to saying oh lawd. I can't . . .

Our inability as a community to acceot being gay isn't only impacting gay rights but our health with the stigma of being open. That's why I so love my church. The topic came up a few months ago at bible study and I held my breath wondering what Pastor Mike would say. After one man went on and on about it Pastor asked him what did Jesus say about it and the guy flipped and flipped through the Bible. And the point was Jesus didn't say anything about it. Pastor Mike didn't condone homosexuality, just said in the bigger scheme it wasn't that big of an issue for Jesus to pick up, but what is a big deal is that we love one another regardless. I dig that. Because I always thought with the "it's a choice" debate, in this society with so much hate, if it was a choice, no one would be gay.

Well, seems I have a lot of thoughts on this one and should head back to once again Black women being labeled as bitter. A lot of us may still have issues with interracial dating - though I think sometimes interracial couples are looking at you to react and I've sort of scrunched my eyes like why are you starring at me, i could care less. Two men wanting to share insurance isn't causing me to lose sleep, so start looking at the pulpit for Prop 8 and not the single ladies


  1. Whitney said...:

    me and my sis discussed this a few weeks ago after a radio report said the same thing. i agree...ppl want to make us the root of all of society's problems. blk women are not responsible for homophobia!