That's Deep

December 28, 2008
I dont have to appear extra deep to have depth right?
Thanks. I just wrote this post that wont see the light of day because it wasnt upbeat and happy, some of my better qualities Ive been told.
Today 66 people at my church were baptized. I've never seen anything like it. They kept the pool open and people poured in, young, old, men, women, white collar, no collar. God isn't looking for us to be carbon copies so I dont have to think of being this conscious person. I can just be, yeah?
(said in my British accent . . .love how they put a 'yeah' at the end of sentences, and yes Im pretty excited to be going to London in the spring to visit one of my buddies who is a Marshall scholar)
Yesterday Shani O came to the city and she, me and Channy hit up HU's Kwanzaa event at Akwabaa Mansion in BK. It was cool and had me reminiscing of my Kwanzaa events at church growing up that always made me want to speak Swahilli (or just have a cool meaning to my own name all you Nia's:)
We hung out more in BK and talked about politics, careers, religion and inevitably men and love. I told them I now had the 300+page manuscript of novel guy at my place and as they each shared a heartfelt story I mentioned a line from the Essence Young Women's Leadership Conference on the having it all panel on you may have it all, but might not have it all at one time. Lola from NYT/CNN went on to break it down you may have the dream job now and just a homie-lover-friend at home, and a great husband later with a lull in your career. Reading Six Figure Sister's post on that Friday night situation (she notices the empty spot in her bed the most on Friday nights) had me happy I realized it's better to be patient and ready when the real thing comes, then to waste your space on a substitute. And I only say this after sampling the substitute.
And thinking of London, had me googling this magazine in London I used to write for and got me inspired to get back on my grind.
*this pic is not from last night but just a cute one of the three of us:)


  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    Ok, that is so funny that you say that because my almost two year old little diva's name is Nia! That is sweet that your going to London, which is my dream destination (I'm a history buff) Love the changes you did to your site. :) I plan on Essence Women's Leadership Conference in this year, can't wait!