Blind Dates

December 18, 2008

Somehow I have become the friend that all my friends want to hook up. And I take some of the blame for talking about relationships a lot (one of the perks of my industry is I get paid to pick the brains of men on love.) At first one of my best buds in NY tried to hook things up with me and one of her guy friends on the sly when we all hung out last week. She had me rolling with her high school cupid attack, "he said you have a nice smile. He may be too shy to ask for your number so I may give it to him."
I just laugh.
Then I hit up the Christmas party of one of my magazine buddies on tonight. She is so excited to see me and I quickly learn why. The guy she has been telling me is a great catch for months is there. And he's easy to spot as the lone Black guy there:). He's cool I guess and the biggest plus was his really cool childhood friend who was hilarious as we worked together to build the best ginger bread house there. I held down the shingles!

Tis true what you ask for you just may get. As the year winds down I must say I did pretty good on my get out and date more resolution. And as far as blind dates, I guess I should tell my friends I prefer a guy at least 5'10 though it's not a total deal breaker:) The best matchmaker is still life though as I've met the best guys just out walking or traveling (speaking of which, we are compiling a list of the best places to meet Black Men, so let me know if you know of a undercover hot spot to meet guys . . .mine is the airport:)


  1. la negrita said...:

    Someone told me that there are plenty of eligible Black men to be found in New Orleans. I have yet to test the validity of this statement. Perhaps a trip to the 2009 Essence Music Fest is in order? I'll keep you posted...