The Weakest Link

December 4, 2008

Messy Jessy ready to castrate Obama for calling fathers like him to step it up was disappointing.  But the latest round of Black politicians trying to tear down our President is just disgusting. The fact is he won. So even if he didn't have your support, for the sake of the dire state of this nation, get in line to help rebuild.

But oh no (Uncle) Clarence Thomas and the Almost Senator Alan Keyes. You can't stomach the idea of  Black Politician outshining you without having to sell out himself and his first born (and for the record the intelligent and observant Malia would never go for that). The best you can try and find is some loophole in the constitution and around Obama's birth in Hawaii on how he's not really natural born, so not really qualified to run. Let's be real. If there had been some real credence to this, Hillary's camp would have been on the Supreme Court steps a year ago. So why now? Why try and dim the shine of this incredible moment? I mentioned earlier the great time I had at the opening of White Christmas on Broadway. I didn't mention I was one of the last faces to enter the theater and the only one I saw that looked like mine. Looking for my seat I felt a lot of eyes scrutinizing me and got little help as I politely asked what row this was. As I felt a little uncomfortable and looking at a sign say White Christmas, I thought of Barack Obama and stood a little taller. He's President of us all.

But the part that burns me the most with Alan Keyes is he is spending his time and money to fight Obama's right to be President trying to find the tiniest loophole with Obama's birth in the Constitution. I respect the Constitution as much as the next citizen and as a living document it has stood the test of time. But for a Black man to stand on it above all else is a dangerous thing. That same document allowed your ancestors to be shackled like cattle and owned like property. To not even be considered fully human,  but 3/5ths of a person. These wolves in brothers clothing are the living stereotype of what we don't need in the Black community. If no one gave them the memo, I will do the honor of announcing slavery is done and our people are free. There is no battle to be in the house or the field. We are headed to the biggest house of them all. And they don't like it . . .

And again, a teaching moment from our president with matters like this, brush those shoulders off!