Merry Christmas . . . "I'm Pregnant!"

December 25, 2008
This morning I went to Christmas service at my church and all I can say is wow. It's in those moments I feel the growth of myself as a woman when I don't look at people in the bible with stars in my eyes of times long gone, but woman to woman, like, dang, Mary was a bad girl. Pastor Mike broke it down that Mary was probably about 14 or 15 when an angel came to her and told her she was carrying the son of God. She had not one reservation and was grateful and up to what God called her to do and ready to tell the world, "Im Pregnant." An unwed pregnant woman at that time could easily be outcast from the community. And she walked boldly into her blessing not waiting for her womb to grow to believe and knowing her task was much bigger than herself.
And at the same time her cousin Elisabeth who was up there in age had already been blessed with being pregnant with John the Baptist for 6 months. When God moves in our lives he is often moving in many others as well and there's room for everyone to get a miracle. Deep stuff indeed.
So just was a lesson for me on being ready when you are called to do what others would tell you is CRAZY.
My holidays in Harlem have been GREAT so far. Last night me and Channy went to the Den for their weekly open mic. Yeah, I kinda LOVE live music and a few Christmas songs mixed in was a perfect holiday time. Earlier that afternoon I was smiling extra hard as I left the library on 5th Ave with a bag of books and a renewed sense of purpose as I researched some new ideas and picked up new books from my fav authors including Rosa Guy. I don't deny I am very much a nerd, so I honestly felt like I was getting dumber taking no classes and staying stagnant in my knowledge since graduating. Going to the library, was a jolt to my system that the world really is at our fingertips. As I walked up the steps to the beautiful library, of course a thought of Carrie and Big popped in my head when I went in the lobby and it was such a beautiful library where they were to be married - and totally not the circulating library where you can actually check out books;). So they send me across the street to a library that looks like, well, a library and Im like this is more like it. Five floors of books!
Ok, let me not totally show my magnet kid side (what me and the bff realize is a lifestyle after being surrounded by the smart kids growing up, you have a nerdy sense of humor . . .that may not always be appreciated;) Well, maybe one joke (tee hee). The roomie found this one absolutely hilarious a while back. Not sure how it came up but I told her in my math class in high school my best friend and our guy friends would rag on each other and sometimes use pictionary to guess who it was. Well, me and my girl were blessed up top but not filled out anywhere else, so we quickly became "no slope" - lines that have no incline, for our flat butts. I warned you we were too clever for our own good (better than saying corny:). And for the record we both got a little slope or at least hips as we matured.
Well, time to head to Mount Vernon for dinner with my God sister and God mom. Merry Christmas and be ready when what sounds like the absurd is God sending you into something life-changing!


  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    Happy New Year! Beautiful post. I was getting ready to congratulate you, HA! I love the library as well. Borders and Barnes & Noble are my second homes.