Romancing the Stone

December 21, 2008

This weekend I kinda seduced myself, something you have to do every now and again. Moisturized my skin, took bubble baths, lit candles, cooked a nice meal, played good music and just valued my own company. (India.Arie's is the perfect soundtrack especially "Private Party" and "Beautiful Flower") Friday night I hit up the Red Tie Soiree, Mark's fab annual event in NY and Atlanta. I was listed as a cohost for the NY event which made me feel a little cool. The snow storm didn't keep everyone away thankfully, and as I predicted to Channy earlier in the day on why she should come, the snow had a greater impact on the ladies than the gents, so the numbers were in our favor. It was great to hang with myguy buddies Gare, Sands and Young L. I mixed and mingled a little and met a hilarious Howard guy who I felt like has great spades partner potential as he referred to my graduation as the Oprah year. I've never used that phrase but loved it! After the soiree me, the guys, Linds and Eni headed uptown to another party. After a full week, I was beat and started nodding to sleep on the train and of course they had to take pics and quickly try and tag me. Facebook is going to be the end of so many would-be political careers I tell ya. Once we're uptown, Sands brings up some other party. I know I only have one more stop in me before I conk out, so me and Eni make our way to Tiff's bday party up on 146th, kinda in my neighborhood. Me and Tiff interned together back in 06 so seeing her always brings memories of my best time in life so far. The party transports me to college with folks sitting around, crunk music playing from the computer, red cups and spurts of shhhh to keep it down with neighbors on the verge of complaining. I had a good time mingling and catching up with Eni who I don't see as much as I'd like, the case with most of my friends. I spot this tall guy with one of those hats with fur flaps over the ears on the wall and tell Eni I think he's cute. Instead of him, this other loud guy comes over and starts talking and quickly dubs me as mean. Somehow he works into the convo he played pro ball for a little. If only he knew . . . being an athlete did not work in his favor. He goes away another guy comes over who was really cool and teaches biology in CT. Too bad I can't remember his name to facebook friend him like we agreed. Black men teaching always makes me smile and feel hopeful. As we're talking fur hat comes over and sits in front of me. Yale teacher walks away and me and Hat guy chat. he's funny and of course a little weird. He's working on a manuscript and somehow has looped me in to being a proofreader, or was that just a smooth way to get my number?
Saturday I slept in and loved it. Then it was on to errands of laundry, groceries, cleaning and beyond. After debating a movie night, a chi chi dinner party uptown my Aleksander Petrovsky was hosting or drinks and dinner with Eb the Celeb and some other bloggers on Lower East Side right by Vault where the soiree was, I decide to head downtown and invite Sierra to tag along. Eb is already full of life and shots when we arrive and we all quickly feel like old friends. She has her own story with a athlete and I wonder is it something in the water. The food and drinks are great at Boca Chica and I bond with the lone guy of our crew who happens to be my birthday twin. As an Aquarius he is also creative and is an accomplished piano player who Eb keeps telling everyone just got off tour with Janet. I give him a sheepish look as she is his put you on blast publicist for the night and he all of our date, picking up the more than $300 bill, which was rather sweet. Today church was good and my pastor was back after a few Sundays away. Great message of turning into what God is calling you to, as Moses did with the burning bush. Deep stuff. I got home and this movie with Vivica Foxx and David Allen Grier as a married couple whose kids put a spell on them to switch bodies to stop them from arguing is on. He happens to be a NFL player for the Saints. . . I use to love my Disney movies and not sure how I missed this one. I cooked dinner later on and was pretty proud. After my sweet potato pie high from Thanksgiving I tried again all by myself with no coaching. I didn't have the jiffy pie crust mix, so I made my crust from scratch with flour. The pie was pretty good, though the crust a little chewy, Maybe needed more eggs?
Then I chatted with the bride of the April wedding Im in and with my little sister from our first book club pick - The Cheetah Girls.

Private Party - India.Arie


  1. Eb the Celeb said...:

    lmao... I love how you describe me

    full of life from shots

    D's PR person for the night!

    It was so nice meeting you girlie!