It's Time to LIVE

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2008 was a monumental year for our nation, world and each of our individual lives. It wasn't my worst and I am blessed to leave it with steady cash flow and my sanity and spirit in tack. After my short break I was back at work this week but with a new demeanor and pep in my step. After letting those things that aren't good die in 08, my church has challenged us all to LIVE in 2009!

And I can already feel the breath going deeper through my lungs as I come back alive and get deeper into fulfilling my purpose.

Somehow the pressures of live had begun to take their toll and my confidence in myself waned. As I scratched my head as to what happened I began to do small things I had stopped doing, that I had done when I was happier, like going to the library and writing cards (I LOVE stationary, and write notes on whims so feel free to email your address so I can add you to my address book). Another thing I use to do more of was jot lists and random thoughts. When I got a Blackberry (now I have two thanks to the job . . . yeah, its more cumbersome than cute) I stopped carrying around my fav lil notebook because I thought I would be ms. tech savy and typing away. Now I realize its nothing like having your little notebook and being able to see a continuation of your thoughts. And

And with that notebook Im starting my lists again. I am continuing to add to my list of goals for the year and beyond. And I am really excited to have already crossed one off: Organize my clips online. When Giant relaunched their site and I lost my clips I realized the importance of having copies of online articles and the need to have a nice online clip book. Well, a year later - Ive done it!
Check out my portfolio of some of my favorite pieces!! Looking back helps you realize how far you've come sometimes and also reminds you its no mistake you are where you are and each small step got you a little closer.

Here's to LIFE in 2009!
And to live is to love . . .


  1. la negrita said...:

    Good to know I'm not alone in the card writing (we def are a dying breed, though). If I need to write a "Thank You" note, 90% of the time I get a blank card and fill it up. I know people think I'm nuts--especially the ones I've only met once. But I love it, and most likely it's because I had pen-pals as a child. In fact, an old pen pal from London found me on Facebook and we're writing to each other again. It's so exciting! Writing letters is a lost art.

    Re: the blog love...you're welcome. ;-)