He's Just Not Into Me

January 30, 2009

For any woman. It's tough to swallow. I had mine last year. Thanks to my imagination and creativity I had created all these scenarios and emotions he was feeling that prevented him from being the great guy I had made him to be in my head and not the secret-holding guy he was in reality, until it clicked: He's Just Not That Into Me.

So I am pretty excited for the release of the movie next week, and to see Drew Barrymore, who I adore - yay, for the chubby cheek girls:). That episode with Miranda on SATC when she gets snapped on for butting in still always makes me smile, because no one really wants to hear from someone else that a guy isnt into them.

With the realities of a war, crazy layoffs all around including my own office and a shrinking economy, we could all use a cheesy romantic comedy every now and then - though $12 for the ticket is a splurge in my budget. My homie Nicole did a great post on the movie and other great ensemble cast (Love Jones and Clueless made the list, and Hitch also get my vote:)


  1. Nicole said...:

    I completely co-sign with your 'Not Into You' experience. Had my own little reality check some time ago, and in retrospect I can say thank goodness for it :)

    This Friday sounds like a movie night to me!