08 Come Ups

January 2, 2009
Before I get too deep in the new year I better acknowledge some of my many great moments of 2008 . . .

*You're Hired
This year I celebrated my first year working full time.
(and meant I wasn't up to be Diddy's assistant after interviewing for the job but interviewing him:)

*Bills, bills, bills
I signed my first apartment lease this year and am blessed to get cable, internet and light bills and be able to pay them.

*Beachside Fun
Cancun for labor day was the rejuvenation I needed and a hotel overlooking the beach was mesmerizing. There's nothing like being by the water and had me plotting of ways to move on the coast . . .

. . . and Puerto Rico in October. San Juan definitely was a great time with snorkeling, hanging out in the rain forest, riding a ferry to a small island, salsa lessons in the gorgeous and lush tropical spot.

*Conference Crashin
I hit Unity with no conference registration or hotel booked and had an absolutely fab time. I stayed in my own bed each night in nice rooms, showing the power of a positive attitude and getting your network on as great friends were happy to let me keep them company (Thanks Jules, Bone Bone and WW:) And spending time with Sierra and her mom, I also had a new experience, as we went in through the kitchen in our dresses to the NABJ awards and enjoyed a great meal and expanding the network:)!

*The Single Mingle
I wanted to get out and date more and I definitely did in '08. I'm not leaving the year with a great love but a much better understanding of the things I like and don't like in a potential mate. Some of my fave dates was the collegiate cute date of us cooking, watching Crooklyn and then playing Howardopoly, the "Hip Hop Lives" date of Kanye's concert, and then there was my best first date of the year (and my life thus far) at Melba's in Harlem where cool grooves and candlelight were the perfect back drop for a fun experience of getting to know you. Including him ordering the mac and cheese, which I said looked more like the Kraft version then the real thing. As the waitress walks by he grabs her wrist and says, "now what were you saying about the mac and cheese" with a smile in his eyes. I beam as I tell her how good I thought it was. She walks away smiling and we burst out laughing. He ended up moving away but I cant complain. Cupid was pretty good with sending a few tall, dark, handsome, genuine and intelligent brothers that made me smile and keep my faith that my guy is out there and its not for me to go looking.

*Michelle Obama (and Barack, Malia and Sasha too:)
Man oh man. All my friends, family and coworkers have grown tired of me injecting her in every convo, but I just am still riding my Michelle Obama high as Ive been in overdrive in since March it seems. loving what their election means for the rest of the world as we all strive to be our best selves and what their relationship does to uplift Black love

*Great Friends
I am so fortunate to have amazing friends. Im not one of those girls who says I have few women as friends (which I always find a little like a red flag you cant hang on to any female friends) My girls held me down and we had a blast, even if it was just a crazy night at home or in Queens or anywhere else.
(at our send-off dinner for Ari before she headed off to Italy)

*My Faith
I felt I got a greater understanding of what life is all about this year and being a member of a great church helped as I kept what mattered in focus. I work right by Lehman's Brothers so seeing the collapse of the financial industry up close was kind of intense and having my spirtual self nourished helped keep things in perspective

Farewell 08 . . .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    WHOP WHOP to Diddy, however, I'd carry his umbrella across the globe if I get to ride shotgun....and I'm patiently waiting my mock itinerary for Cancun!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    What an exciting post! San Juan was great for me too. However, the long rat that ran across my foot at the port is what interrupts my fond memories when I think of the place. :/