True Life: I cancelled on Inauguration

January 17, 2009

Sooo, soon after the election, I learned I would be expected to be at work on January 20th, so I put it out of my head of going to DC. Then, my fab God Sister had me thinking of going and just coming back Monday before the big day. So that became my plan . . . until Thursday. I was tired. Really drained. ANd the idea of big crowds, long waits, and not even being arond for the actual parade made me step back and have a what am I doing moment. I hated to pull out on my girl and Ari and Channy who were driving down, but I just felt I was forcing it. And I actually wanted to give back on MLK day. Then tonight I turned on CNN and wondered had I made the right choice. He'll be there for 8 years, and Ill be in DC before March. And besides, I learned my fav guy in the administration and my crush of the last year is not that into Black girls:( :( Found that out at my friends' game night last night. humbugggg. At least I had fun at the house party. And still soooo excited for Inauguration and beyond!!


  1. la negrita said...:

    Aaaaww, too bad you aren't able to make it. We're pushing it close ourselves. We leave Monday for Philly and will be driving to DC. Aaaand I managed to get tickets to one of the official balls, so I have to pick them up before 7pm. :-/ Wish us luck!!!! But even if for some reason I can't pick up my tickets, I WILL be wearing my ball gown on Tuesday (will make for an interesting scene at the bar :-p). I've been waiting for an excuse to wear this dress for two years.