London Calling

January 18, 2009

I'm loving watching all the Living Single episodes on TVOne. Seems they are killing the last season lately and I don't mind. And for somebody itching to travel I want to smack Maxine upside the head.

After years of her fiery relationship with Kyle he gets the fab opportunity to head his company's new division in London. He breaks the news to Max who is a little stagnant in her career. She wants him to stay. He invites her to come and surprises her with a ticket. She lets pride get in the way and says no. She then dramatically shows up at the airport the day he is leaving to give him one more chance to stay. He, her one more to go. As I'm putting my pennies together to head over in the spring, I'm shaking my head at her. And not just for the opportunity to live and see a new city. But the thumbing your nose at somebody who makes you happy. She needed to bust out Gladys Knight's "Midnight Train to Georgia." That song gets realer the older I get . . .and in true small worldedness Gladys was Overton's mom on the show and of course sang in sitcom fashion. I'm not saying a woman should automatically follow her man or trying to put my feminist card at risk. But if one in a couple gets an amazing opportunity, don't let pride tear it a part. When I take that midnight train to London, I plan on having a blast!


  1. I surely don't want to get my feminist card revoked either but an opportunity like that is worth thinking long and hard about!