Obama the Musical!

January 21, 2009

Get ready, it's coming:) If you'll be in London March 5 - 22, definitely hit up the Obama Musical! And if you want a guest, take me.

Can't you see First Lady Mrs. Michelle O singing, "But you're an internnnnnnnnn"

and our President singing back "Yes, this I knowwwww, but don't you wannna beee First Laddyyyyyyy?"

Ok, i'll stop . . . .

It was absolutely amazing last night to see their first dance. At Last indeed. I even overlooked Beyonce's choreography with pantomiming her cheek for emphasis;)

I LOOOVEE my First Family!! Malia and Sasha's scavenger hunt in the White House sounded like fun and a dose of the Jonas Brothers, man oh man, to be 10 again;)