Amen to That

January 22, 2009

Up this morning I should be cleaning and getting my stuff together for my trip to Atlanta (so excited;)! But of course Im on the couch and on my computer and getting my TVOne on. Glad to see the network finding it's stride. Get it Ms. Cathy!

And seeing the Black sitcoms you realize the fact that their are NONE on TV besides CW which puts "Everybody Hates Chris" and "The Game" on Friday, usually the kiss of death:(

But watching Thelma on "Amen," catches my attention more than usual.

Her daddy the Deacon gets me laughing and side eye going as usual. Through all her whining (which is A LOT) good ole Reverend Ruben loves her hard and they make me smile. I realize it's good to see someone like me on TV. Deep brown skin, some meat on her hips and spiritual. Getting closer to God, I find myself often quoting something from church or some encouraging word I've heard and I sometimes surprise my own self, and step back to take a look at this new and improved girl. Luckily my voice isn't as high as it use to be, so I hope I don't sound like Thelma. . .

But it's definitely good to see her and the Rev. Now I wanna see an episode of her in the church as First Lady. . . . and Aretha Franklin in the pew with her fab hat from inauguration:)


  1. Eb the Celeb said...:

    yeah its only a matter of time before the Game and Everybody hates Chris get canned. It already seems like they've even cut back the writers salaries or something because friday's episode of the game was straight bafoonery. I love what TVone is doing though. Even though I hate to admit this... BET is trying too, but there's only so much they can do now being owned by Viacom.