Love Lessons from Dad

January 13, 2009
Me and my mom don't discuss sex. I know she's done the do, hence me, but we don't discuss it. I've shut down a little talking to her about guys after the few times I tried a while back and I could feel her distress on whether it was leading to more, when it totally wasn't. Now she's a little more open but I'm always walking on egg shells waiting for her to get overwhelmed with her baby girl being all grown up.

But my dad is a whole nother story. Over the last few years we've bonded as singles and share our stories from the dating scene. He makes me laugh talking about a new lady and I see where I get my tendency to gush over a crush.

Tonight I call him back and before I know it he's been going on 20 minutes about this lady at his job who has a crush on him and he's enjoying the attention. Her coming into the picture made him pull out of going to a trip to Cabo he was invited on by a lady in Maryland he had been talking to. Yeah, the ladies love my dad. Work lady and him went to the movies after work a few weeks back and she was all over him he tells me. Now my dad is a sweet guy like a teddy bear and always makes me feel like the prettiest girl arouund, so I'm not grossed out by that and just smile because it's not conceit that he says she was all over him. Just the hilarious truth.

After movies they go to the Peachtree Plaze he tells me and my heart beats and my eyebrows merge hoping he won't tell me they grabbed a room. We talk dating but actual hooking up, well, naw, I don't need details. They go to the 73rd floor and grab a drink he says and my breathing begins again. Oh, the bar overlooking the city. Nice.

He then tells me she told him that the first day she walked in the room, he was starring at her. He says he really just was excited to see a Black woman with all those credentials and told her Im not intimidated by good-looking women. Go pops.


  1. Execumama said...:

    I like that he actually told her he wasn't intimidated by good-looking women. I bet that threw her for a loop. Go pops, indeed!!