Circulate to Percolate

January 12, 2009
Tonight I went to this networking event, well more of a panel discussion, and had a great time. It focused on magazines on the web, with Black Enterprise, the Source, Ambermag and Uptown's web leaders.
Of course one of the first people I see when I walk in is my old boss, proving how small the world and this industry really is, and why its best to try and keep a good relationship with folks. After a great discussion where they all admitted we are all figuring this thing out and seeing what works (and of course the person with the really looooooonnnnggg three part comment/question ), it was time to mix and mingle. I met some great new people doing their thing online and made me feel like I wasn't a floundering fish, but a part of a cool club.
Then I ran into someone who remembered me from Z &J's rolodex party and we reconnected. She introduced me to two of her guy friends who were really funny and had started their own site. Slowly it felt like a kids game outside as we parted. First she left heading to the A, as we headed to 1. At the next block, the bald headed guy of the duo headed downtown, leaving me with the round-faced clever one. We laughed and talked as we waited on the train. He was heading to Westchester and we both got off at 42nd, me for the 3, him to go upstairs to the PATH. Im learning to be more observant and was trying to read him. He asks for my card. We continued to talk and he waited about 10 minutes until my 3 train came. I'm on my breather from dating, but. . .

I guess those tips on where to meet Black men were on to something.