You Got Served

January 18, 2009

I stopped in to the Carol Daughter's store on 125th today. I make my way to the store at least once a month, and every since I first spotted their Pearls fragrance I have had my eye on it. I decided not to get it when I saw it in November hoping Santa would bring it my way for Christmas which didn't happen. Knew I should have made a wish list :)

As I begin my way through the store to see the latest on Pearls and if it's still around or magically on sell, I am approached by sales associate Gina in the back of the store. She said hello and told me she remembered me from last time I was there and asked how I was enjoying my Sotto. I smiled feeling special she not only remembered me but my scent, which has been a big hit especially on guys after being a die-hard Almond Cookie girl. She took me around the store showing me new products and showed me the roll-on oil set in the front of the store just in time for valentines. She was absolutely so sweet and genuine and I was so excited to see they brought back roll oils. A while back I was hooked and was so disappointed when they stopped selling them because they weren't making as much by selling the pure oils. Great business decision, sucked for me. Anywho, Gina took extra good care of me and I got the oil set and along with great new smells, I had a smile. I even emailed the company to tell them just that. One day when I'm a cool grandma with my vintage dress shop like Miss Celie's and her her Pants, I definitely plan to have fab people who know there stuff and make a girl smile. Now if she could just get them to offer a valued customer a trial of Pearls . . .

Ever had a great customer service experience?


  1. la negrita said...:

    Yep. My primary credit card company always gives GREAT customer service...unlike Citi (which I only used for the AAdvantage miles), who I cussed out frequently.

    Some years ago I was dining at Pappadeaux's and we had this WONDERFUL waitress. Our bill wasn't that much, but we gave her a $10 tip. She asked if we needed change and we told her no. I wish you could have seen her face! She was probably shocked for two reasons:

    #1. We gave her more than 20%
    #2. We are Black (this is actually #1, but I thought it should be included last for emphasis. Black people are--unfortunately--horrible tippers.)

    Had brunch at the Four Seasons for my birthday. My second time dining at the Seasons--first doing brunch. Of course the service was excellent. You expect it, but it's still nice to be treated like royalty while you're there. :)