Martin Luther King, The Dream

January 19, 2009

Coretta and Martin

Happy MLK Holiday! Hope you are keeping it a day ON, even if that means just buying a pack of fruit snacks on the train from the little kid who tells you he isn't out here robbing or stealing, or giving a call to an old friend or relative. I'm from Atlanta and was raised in a Black community so the King holiday and his legacy have always been a major part of my life and drilled in me. I've been to the family house many times and love that swing each time. In my conspiracy theorist ways, I googled the rumors in high school of his infidelity and the young feminist in me did feel a little someway and just as quickly had even greater respect for what his family endured with the constant wiretaps and FBI investigations. In the grand scheme he was a young man who did the extraordinary and is a direct link to the success and opportunity so many of us have around the world, with heroic courage that is as rare as it is precious. He showed the power that lives inside all of us

In college we had to pick a beat for one of my journalism classes. Knee-deep in my senior thesis on Black college women and their views on marriage, I picked relationships as I spent nights reading of the complex history of marriage in the Black community. And when the King holiday came I knew I wanted to do something on it and decided to do whether women were interested in getting their own King. Professor Dixon praised the idea in class and I felt rather cool, than he quickly shredded my first draft to us. I went left field in the story half way through and I squirmed in my chair kicking myself for rushing to do the story. I did the edits and it made its way online. It still could have been much better but feel free to check it out.

Now with Obama, it shifts to whether you would want to date a guy like Barack. As my expert for the piece said. well am I Michelle? Again, I'm working on it:) Saw some fab brooches on Etsy and started selling myself.