Afterwork Drinks

December 15, 2007
So last night I went to Tillmans and had a ball.
During that networking I mentioned I was doing at the Rush event, I met a guy who was cool and we exchanged cards. The next day he emails and invites me to go for drinks as some folks meet for one of his friend's birthday.
After i got caught up at work, found out my friends went to dinner without even a courtesy text and it freezing outside and the person I want to call not calling me like they said while others get through perfectly letting me know there is nothing wrong with my phone, Im feeling I wore my cute dress for nothing because all I want to do is crawl under the covers and sleep without setting the alarm.
And thats exactly what I planned to do until as Im walking out the office the guy at the front desk ask if Im heading out. Im too embarrassed to say I am 22 living in the capitol of the world and going straight home on a Friday night. So I say Im heading to drinks with friends. And that's exactly what I do - and boy am I glad I do. Since I had only met this guy once and he was the only person in the group I would know, I was happy my friend Gary was also heading to Tilman's with some work folks so I could always hang with him if the other crowd was a bust.
Well bust it was not. As Im walking in the door trying to remember what the guy looks like, Tia from In Touch taps my arm. I first met her when my magazine group visited Teen People years ago and she was the fly Howard grad who spoke to us. Since then she has been at Life & Style and now is senior editor at In Touch - and a regular on VH1. I saw her on the Cougar special a few weeks ago when I was on sweating on the elliptical machine (sigh, when was the last time I've been to the gym?) Anywho, we chat, she says she's here for a friend's bday and I mention the guy, and we are indeed heading to the same get together.
We head deeper into the restaurant and I realize this an actual sit down affair. I am feeling a bit out of place but the birthday girl quickly calms my nerves. She is so cool and as her and Tia catch up chat, gives me quick backgrounds on each of the character so I dont feel left out. We then all play 6 degrees and its scary how the circles overlap. She knows one of my editors from Vibe days and she is now at Lucky.
More cool folks join the table and I notice Gary's booth is right next to the one I am at. Me and Najwa are rolling the whole night and I remembered seeing her at Zandile's party, and the Black blogs that came down on her hard. The guy who invited me comes like two hours later:) Good think the world is so small.
Funny guy with the big coat joins our table and has me rolling the rest of the night. And six degrees is really one as he tells how he works in radio promotion at a music label, the same label my co-worker's niece works at and you know they know each other.
Make me laugh and I love you forever and this guy had me cheesing. I guess I was feeling good from the great convo and potent drinks. Somehow I go "You might win some, but you just lost one, like Jay Z" He hangs me up to dry for my fragmented thoughts.
Asking everybody at the table, "yo, who said you might win some but you just lost one?" They all say Lauryn Hill.
Im laughing too hard to defend how I wasn't saying Jay Z said that, just lost one made me think Lost Ones, you feel me?
Just dont butcher Lauryn Hill to a guy who works at the label she use to be signed to.
I give him my card.
Me and Gary ride back uptown together.
I get drunk dialed. Twice.
Afterwork drinks.