Merry Belated!

December 26, 2007
I am having a wonderful holiday. Sorry for the delay in posting. And I have been fighting it, but it seems I am officially a New Yorker. Or at least that's one my friends. family, church and anybody else Ive known most of my life have deemed me. Came home to Atlanta last Thursday. Friday I went to meet with my mom's financial advisor, who I am proud to say is now my financial advisor. So I now have an IRA and have started on the road of saving for retirement. I'll thank myself in 30 years:) He began the New Yorker talk letting his office know of my clip.
After that I headed to my mom's high school and spoke to their journalism class. I officially felt grown. Not old. Grown. the kids were cool and a few of the guys hitting on me was kinda hilarious, and ok, I admit, kind of flattering. The rest of the weekend I caught up with old friends and managed to make a few new ones, and was told I LOOKED like a new yorker.
At church Sunday I felt like a rock star and that feeling continued. Me and my mom then headed to South Carolina to see my family and grandmom on my dad's side, and boy did I get my fill of family drama stories. This pic of me in the red shirt is pre-new york days summer of '06. My lil cousin was a part of that family drama. sigh. But Christmas night watching Oprah's special with my little sister Deja put things in perspective real quick when she asked what AIDS was and why they weren't treating this little girl's mom.
Today my dad and her headed back to Atlanta and stopped a second at my mom's mom. Here is the street sign . .. Named for my grandfather. And with this being the least gifts I have gotten and most content I have felt at Christmas in year's past, I really feel grown. Hope you had a great holiday!