Black remains the new Black

December 1, 2007
So Wednesday I got to see all the episodes of this season's Project Runway. And no I didn't laugh at the big guy being the last one to get to the tent fabrics on the first episode. 
I know how that feels, and am proud to report I moved up from the worst person in cardio kickboxing. Last Sunday I was the second worst! Yay:)

But back to Project Runway, the Black girl on there Carmen wasn't doing it for me and when she broke down crying I wanted to give her a serious shake Chris Rock style. She just made me miss Mychael Knight even more. At the HU
Homecoming fashion show this year (you know my Yasmine put it down like the A-town's finest do:)
It was great to be registered as press and Shani and Arion made me use my power after the show to speak to Mychael and I did a lil interview. He had clothes featured in the show and I was just loving how Yaz kept Atlanta in the mix with him designing and my beloved Janelle Monae performed. Afterwards when me and Janelle were catching up she said how she had been sick all week and still feeling it. I let her know if that was her sick running all across the stage, I didn't think we were ready to see her well. All my friends thought I was holding out but I could have sworn I told everybody I know she rocks!
But back to Mychael. He's so Atlanta and has like a boyish quality that is adorable.
I even forgave him for saying Decatur people are weird.
He told us about some of his upcoming projects including a cologne called Magic and a lingerie line and performance band called Kitty and Dick. Yeah, uhm, guess being subtle is out this season:)
As I tried to call him on going Hollywood with changing the 'i' to 'y' in his name, he quickly schooled me that Mychael is actually how his name is spelled and the show switched it up. Learn something new everyday.

Black is still the new black:)


  1. Elle* said...:

    I, too, just got caught up with Proj. Runway. Do you know that is Carmen Webber from SistahsHarlem of NY, that clothing line that Jada Pinkett and Erykah Badu used to rock? I guess it went under, cuz they didn't even mention it..*shrugs* I didn't get to watch Proj. Runway last season, so I only know of Mr. Knight thru the blogosphere. I saw his clothes, tho, and they are pretty nice...

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    noooooooot a fan of carm. she was not at all bringin it and i knew she was gonna go home early. LOVE MYCHAEL KNIGHT!!! LOVE HIM!! how they gon spell his REAL NAME wrong, but let a girl call herself sweet p??? waaaaaaack. where are the pics of MK's clothes!?!?