2007: Thinking of a Master Plan

December 31, 2007

So on this New Year's Eve you know I gotta reflect on another monumental year in my life. But first, please let me digress, my mojo has made a return with a vengence for like the last two weeks.
Back to reflecting, so
 these last few years have been action-packed. 2005 was my roughest year yet, followed by what is in the running for one of my best years so far. If 
I had to name 2006 (I love to name anything . ..speaking of that my mom let my plant Christophe wilt away. He is now on life support.), but if I had to name o6 it would be my Year of Chocolate Beyonce. 
I felt I became completely comfortable in my skin.

My 2007: The Year of Reflection and Vision

Since the new year began I have become much more critical of life and asking myself and others more questions than ever. Overall this has been a great year. Where 06 I bec
ame comfortable being me, 2007 was about getting to  know exactly who that was and becoming a young adult. Unfortunately with that maturity and accepting more of the realities of life
, I have become a little harder. I have always been optimistic but I do think a little light in my eyes has probably dimmed though I am still very much positive, or at least try my hardest to be.
Another big think for me this year has been realizing the power of vision. Man
y things in my life that have happened, I had already opened my mind and heart to.

07 Milestones . . .
I partied like a rock star with my bestest

Oprah, my classmate. A culmination of an amazing four year experience.

My first job
*no link to that. Keeping job blogging to a minimum.  I am so fortunate to be working and
 doing exactly what I envisioned I would a year ago.

Craigslist rocks! Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I was optimistic about finding a place when I got here (and needed to asap since I wasnt feeling so welcomed at my cousins). Well, the same day I flew to New York, the Wednesday after graduation and the day before my first day on the job, I checked out the first apartment on my list, and have been living here every since. Divine order indeed 

My first real blunder
I dropped the ball bad with something this year, a first for an overachiever like me. Taught me the importance of saying no and taking on what you can handle

My first retirement account
*Even sexier then jamming to Get Me Bodied on my bday and rent keeping the lights on. I'm going to be a fly retiree one day:)

Lost ones . . .
This year two people I looked up to a lot passed away, Crystal Harris and Mikel Husband. Both from health problems and in their 30s making me even more aware of the frailty of the flesh.

2007 forced me to grow up a whole lot and really taught me the power of vision. When I was home tearing up my room looking for my checkbooks I came across an assignment from School of C orientation freshman year with Dr. Byrd where we had to write our goals. 
I had put down to be a journalist, author, magazine editor and politician.

Continuing to think of a master plan.

Happy New Year!
08 is Great! We've already claimed it:) 


  1. Elle* said...:

    I'm with you on the Master Plan!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    get it girl, the world aint ready for you yet!