You're Gonna Love Me!

December 4, 2007

Love this look! I admit I was getting a bit nervous with those set pics from SATC of JHud and her red carpet choices haven't been as flattering as we know the curvy girls can do. But when I saw this my hope returned.

Much like many areas of my life.

Went to Madison Square Garden for the first time Saturday for the Big Apple Classic. Howard got SPANKED but is was so good to see so many familar faces. And I'll have you know I was most proud of how I conducted myself when face to face with an ex-friend. I'm talking old high school drama that you don't even remember all the details but you do know they are NOT your friend.
Well, sis was determined we speak (and I'm sure she probably reads the blog). No hard feelings but let's let sleeping dogs lie.
After the game me and Anna hit Canal Room (like I told one of my friends before I had even gone to the place, it was indeed small) I don't know when was the last time I partied that hard, we both sweat out our hair and didn't care. What really had us letting loose was . ..
. . . .Follow Me (the House Music CLASSIC . . .I'm hopinggg, to see that dayyyyyyy:)
.....Hey Ya, my baby 3000
......Cupid Shuffle

Our HU NY Alum chapter Prez Chris was killing it at the dj booth.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    glad jhud is steppin it back up b/c you're right. her red carpet was suspect for a minute. keep going and we might give back her big girl representer card!! lol. yeeeeeeeeeah for sweating out the hair!!!!! fab! and you know we like to put y'all in ya place!!!! GO PIRATES!!!

  1. WrkNProgress said...:

    That is probably the best I ever seen jennifer hudson look!

    Love the cupid shuffle.

  1. spchrist said...:

    I might steal that photo for my desktop background.

  1. Ebonne said...:

    I just cannot get into the curpid shuffle... now POISON... i can cut a rug anytime any place