December 2, 2007

Everything in our lives is relative.
Sometimes we (me) get caught up in the small things that we miss the beauty of just being. I had a dream of my great grandmother Katie (where I got my middle name) last night and she was as alive as ever even though she passed away almost ten years ago. And yes she is who my family credits my stubborn streak to.
Was it something extra deep that sparked me to start to think a little bigger and reflect on how big this universe is? Not at all.
While I was south for Thanksgiving I hit up Walmart and its cheap Black DVD rack. One of the ones I scored this time was Mahogany (Waiting to Exhale was out yet again). As I opened the package to watch my new dvd for the first time I noticed the film was rated PG.
They show Diana Ross' nipples in the film and it's PG?? wasn't Shrek and some of these other animated films rated PG13? Well that got me to thinking sign of the times and yeah, I'm that weird.
But it's no surprise I'm weird living in a society that is more oversexed than ever yet is as prudish as they come in the light of day.


  1. Elle* said...:

    I noticed something awfully similar the other day. I like this show on the Discovery Channel called "Taboo" and this one episode was on nudity. Why when they showed all the White female nudists, they censored their breasts, but when they showed the African Masai (sp?) women, they didn't! All the while the narrator was sayingm "There are some things we can't show you, blah blah blah" and up jumped the angry black women in me! I just didn't think that was right! Just because it was WHITE Western "civilized" women, their breasts were somehow more "indecent" to show, than African, tribal women?

  1. DMB said...:

    I believe that our loved ones who've passed on indeed visit us in our dreams. I don't consider yours a dream. I consider it a visitation.

    What a special treat!

  1. WrkNProgress said...:

    I love the film Mahogany! Definitely a sign of the times. Interesting blog.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    never seen mahogany. ooh elle just made me upset! that's wack!! DON'T MARGINALIZE WOMEN OF AFRICAN DESCENT!! what is that?!?! like well they're essentially animals anyway?? ugh.

    the oversexed nature of our society really bothers me. we are putting ourselves and future generations at risk. our parents generation really threw open the door. if we get more permissive as generations pass, will it one day no longer be upsetting that 10 year olds are having sex of any kind? that 13 yos are having abortions? it makes you wonder where the line is drawn.