Sympathy Loving

December 27, 2007

It's a given you feel a certain way when a little kid is crying uncontrollably or a family is out in the cold.
But have you felt a little sorry for someone's situation, and wanted to give them something a little more special than money?
Like all stories, this one starts the same . . .
So, there's this guy. Yes he has a great back, but that is besides the point. We have been friends for years after he tried to holler at me at a club my sophomore year. He is in the military and has been in an out of the country since then. He was a great shoulder when I was going through hard times and I have tried to be the same.
The last few months he has been stationed in Iraq and is now home for the holidays for a few weeks. And I had to laugh out loud at myself for entertaining the thought of sympathy loving. Gives a whole new meaning to serving your country . . .


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    wow!!!!!! lmao @ serving the country!! don't do sympathy lovin tho. if you wanna get at him, do it, but sympathy lovin? that's so ugly. BOUT TIME YOU POSTED AGAIN!! you know i was abt to email you.