I wouldn't do that . . .

December 29, 2007
So don't know where my head was at with the last post. It was just a thought as Cee lo, excuse me, Gnarls Barkley, would say.  I thought about taking it down but it's already out there and in that moment my mind was really trying to wrap itself around wartime and what that meant for soldiers, families and countries, and this young Black man risky his life for_______.  
Nothing indeed. 
Alan Greenspan didnt beat around the bush in his book saying this was a war about oil. 
I'm guilty of being socialized in oversexed America and a society that looks to sex as a release. That's wack. Real wack. As I would have belted if me and C had performed at the office Christmas party: RESPECT YOURSELF!
l do.
And speaking of the holiday party, it's why I have been able to relax this holiday  and not stress about January's bills.
As a freelancer, not only will I tell you to be sure not to fall at my place because my minimal insurance won't cover it, that also means when I don't work, Im not getting paid for the time missed. So that holiday bonus was truly a blessing from God as I haven't worked for a week. Here's the picture from the party. Btw, did I miss the memo that bright printed clothes are out? Doing my soul searching over the break I also think it may be time for a style makeover. I won't be buying new clothes, but just reshuffling the ones I have. Let you know how that goes.


  1. shara said...:

    you better shine in your bright printed clothes!!